Pet Friendly Flooring

Do you have a pet? Perhaps more than one? For many people, pets are treated like members of the family and given full rights. This means essentially being able to walk around the house as they please, if we’re talking about dogs or cats. However, not all flooring is necessarily meant for pets to be going over it all day.

One obvious example is carpeting. Even the best trained of our four legged friends are bound to track in from the outdoors or otherwise leave us little surprises. This is never fun to clean and even less fun to deal with over time. Of course, eventually it becomes such a problem that the whole carpet needs to go.

Another example you may not think of is hardwood floors. After all, they’re about the opposite of carpeting. Whether your pet spills or tracks in, it should be no problem with a hardwood floor. Just quick clean it up. Part of the problem though is that their paws can leave deep scratches that harm the floor and eventually make them look awful

Fortunately, strand bamboo flooring looks great, is comfortable to walk on and completely friendly to pets.