Important Tips to Keep Your Pitbull Puppy Safe and Healthy

Article written by Best Pet Health

pitbull-puppy-brown-whitePitbull puppies require tender love and care to thrive.

If you are looking to pick up one of the many blue pitbull puppies for sale, then you’re going to have to learn how to care for one. Here is a simple guide that will help you understand what you need to do to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a healthy and obedient family friend.

Dump Out and Clean Your Dog’s Water Bowl

It’s important that you clean out your dog’s bowl on a daily basis. Don’t just keep refilling it to the top. Dogs have a tendency to pee into their water bowl, and having done so, won’t drink from it. So, unless you want a dehydrated puppy, be sure that you stay on top of this. If you notice at any point that the bowl is looking a bit dirty, take the time to clean it out and give him or her a fresh water source.

Feeding Times: Once in the Morning, Once in the Evening

Most people want to feed their dogs two or three times a day and this is certainly the choice of the owner. However, it is important to notice if a dog is “off their food” so to speak. A dog can die within hours of bloating and days from obstruction caused by swallowing foreign objects. If a dog doesn’t eat a meal, it can be a serious event. Drive straight to the closes veterinarian. When you train your dogs, you’ll have a good idea of their eating patterns. Take close note of this. If they begin straying from this, they may be performing a silent cry for help in that they aren’t feeling well. Red Nose pitbull breeders and other professional breeders always keep an eye on how they raise young puppies so they can adapt to their way of living.

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