Easy to Craft Doggie Bed

Written by: The Foam Factory, Inc.Easy-to-Craft-Doggie-Bed

If you were thinking about buying a bed for your dog, but put if off because of the price, you may be interested in how easy it is to make dog beds from Canada yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • Some cloth
  • Foam bolsters and custom-cut sheets of foam
  • Some Velcro and ribbon
  • Basic sewing supplies

First, measure your dog while it is lying down. Try to get a full grasp for the dog’s length and width. Take your measurements a few times to be sure you have an accurate idea of how your dog sleeps and how big your custom cushions need to be to fit the dog.

For the first piece of cloth, add 28” to both measurements and cut out a piece of the cloth of that size. Starting at any corner you want, mark 10” from the length and width of the corner, and draw a straight line until they meet and then cut the section out. Repeat this for each corner, your cloth should look like a plus sign.

On the right edge of each arm, put two 4” strips of Velcro so that they would stick together when it is folded in towards the bed. On both sides of the arms, at their halfway point, attach some ribbon or string.

Next, fold in the arms and sew up the left side and then sew the edge of the arm to the base of the bed.

Cut another piece of cloth with the same width of the bed minus the arms, but add 10” to the length. Sew this down on three sides to the inside of the bed with the excess flap tucked freely underneath.

To finish, fill the cushions of the arms with the round bolsters and the bed with a sheet of foam from Canada, then tie the arms together with the ribbon or string.