A Deeper Look Into Why Breeders Do What They Do

Responsible breeding is considered an art form by many.

3-pitbull-puppiesWhat’s the purpose of pitbull breeding? Why are people so in love with the breeding process and what good comes out of it? Is it money? Is it love? This article will discuss why pitbull breeders are so passionate at what they do.

The Motto of Breeding

First off, the motto of a pitbull breeder is always “breed to improve”. A good breeder will do everything that he or she can to obtain a healthy dog. A great breeder, however, avoids “kennel” blindness by taking a step back and understanding the good and bad points of their dogs before they make a decision to breed. Great breeders know how to examine their dog carefully and recognize their flaws. Remember, the goal of breeding is to create a quality pet and better dog. However, not all bully pitbull breeds, for example, are made equal.

The Reputation of Pitbulls

The reason why many pitbulls are getting a bad rap is not because of their naturally aggressive nature it’s how they were raised and how they were treated. Their natural tendencies became a target for gamblers, thugs, and low-lives. Do you ever wonder why there are so many pitbulls are in shelters these days? This just goes to show that the reputation of these beautiful animals still exist and are highly considered by the public.

Pitbull breeders also believe that breeding is a blend of art and science. Breeders know how to balance the dog’s flaws with the good, and still end up with a great outcome. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process to say the least, but ask any pitbull breeder out there and they’ll tell you that it was worth it.

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