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German Spitz Mittel
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German Spitz Klein
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German Spitz Klein Pictures

German Spitz Klein Picture


Dog Breed Overview
Breed Name German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)
Weight Klein: 11 to 22 lbs Mittel: 23 to 41 lbs
Height Klein: 9 to 11 inches Mittel: 11 to 13 inches
Life Span 14 to 15 years
Country of Origin Germany
Breed Origin The German Spitz is thought to have descended from Viking dog ancestors. They were initially used as herding dogs, but have become almost exclusively companion dogs over the last few hundred years.
Ideal Human Companions These dogs would do well in a home where they can spend a lot of time with their family.
Trainability They can be difficult to train.
Personality Traits These dogs are described as happy, friendly and eager to please.

Like many breeds of small dogs, the German Spitz is prone to behavior problems if it is not firmly and consistently trained from a young age. Their small stature and happy natures frequently lead owners to making the mistake of not disciplining these dogs for unacceptable behaviors.

Their proneness to behavior issues is counterbalanced by their alacrity to learn tricks and their willingness to please their family. These smart dogs are capable of learning a great deal given the right reinforcement, and such training is good for burning off excess mental and physical energy.

Their tiny size and fluffy coat might lead you to think that they are delicate or not able to exercise. Indeed, these dogs require at least a small amount of daily exercise, and they have a great capacity for physical endurance. If you’re looking for a dog that will look cute on your couch and keep up with your marathon training, the German Spitz is a good fit.


People in General They are friendly with most people.
With Children They are good small dogs for kids only if the child knows how to handle the dog appropriately.
With Other Dogs The German Spitz gets along well with most dogs.
With Other Pets They do fine with other household pets.
With Strangers They are friendly with strangers.
Watch Dog Like many small dog breeds, they are dependable watchdogs.


Hair (Coat)
Coat Thickness Thick, fluffy
Shedding Moderate shedding
Color(s) Cream, orange, blue, black, brown, wolf gray
Hypoallergenic No


Care Needed
Grooming They need to be thoroughly brushed regularly to keep their thick coats from matting.
Exercise They require exercise daily. A brisk walk will suffice, but they can handle a lot more physical activity.
Living Space They do fine in apartments.
Climate They are poorly suited to outdoor life.
Need for Companionship These dogs will do well in a home with an assertive master who can keep them busy.

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